Thursday, March 25, 2010

good call

Because of the usual political grandstanding that ALWAYS goes on when it comes to race relations, The Quebec government was pretty much forced into a position where it had to legislate common sense: Under a proposed law, people wearing apparel that covers their face can be required to temporarily remove said apparel when expecting government services - so that they can be properly identified, and to make sure clear communication is not hindered.

The fact that the government has to legislate something that strikes me and most other sane individuals as a no-brainer is ridiculous. But kudos to the government for doing it anyway. It was a rational and very correct response to a ton of political nonsense.

And to those that insist on getting all hysterical about this being an "act of racism" against Muslims, or that it should be read as some sort of veiled (pun intended) message that anyone that ISN'T a w.a.s.p. "should go back to their own country": Shut-up, would you please?! Either you're stupid, or you're pushing a political agenda. Either way, you look like an idiot.